Sewing Room Dropcam

Saturday, January 18, 2014

So excited!!

I bought a new longarm!!  Been going over and over in my mind about wanting a better machine for a long time.  My current machine has been doing pretty good since I started using Magna-Glide thread and pre-wound bobbins and I've finished several quilts recently.  Not my "good" quilts since I really need more skill to do what I envision.

The new machine is an Innova 22" with Lightning Stitch and it should be delivered in early February.  :)  I've taken down the old one to sell and got my sewing room all organized again.

In other news... I'm almost done with the Patriotic wall hanging.  I know, it's taken a long time but I had other things come up like quilts for Christmas.  Finished two of the quilts for my niece and nephew, all bound and done with matching pillow cases even.  One more strip to sew the butterflies on for the other quilt and that can be sewn together.