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Thursday, July 16, 2009

International Round Robin

I joined the IRR on a quilter's message board. I am so nervous!! I know a lot of people feel that way too. When you screw up on your own stuff you can always fudge it, live with it, or fix it. I don't do perfect, not even sure if I do square when the quilt gets too big to measure easily.

I need to make a center between 12" and 24". I've been working on a few designs but not sure yet what I'll do. I did this one last night, trying to come up with something to use a rainbow of hand dyed fabric I have. This might be the one and it will give people who work on my quilt a lot of color choices and don't have to try and match a floral. I do also love a Jacobean print I have in bright, bright colors.

These are 8" blocks, 24" square. I think this will need to be paper pieced.

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