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Thursday, June 18, 2015

California State Fair win!

I submitted the Patriotic quilt from a couple of posts ago to the CA State Fair and......  First Place in Pieced quilts, Best of Division, and a River City Quilters Award!!!   Wow, was I surprised!!! 

I opened the PDF attachment to the email and very slowly scrolled down through the listing of winners in tons of different categories at the fair, scared to see if mine was there or not.  When I got to the Quilts category I went even slower and read every one carefully.  I actually covered my mouth with both hands and screamed when I saw my name/quilt marked First Place.  Then saw Special Awards and the River City Quilters.  THEN saw at the end the Best of Division!!

OMGosh!  You can bet that I will be at the fair this year and get pictures of it hanging there.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Coming along

Finished the beige in the blocks and then the first border at the bottom.  I couldn't decide what to do so didn't do the border at the top.  I do that a lot... actually I think I do that on every quilt.  Can't remember if I stitched between the blue and the beige at the top or not, I didn't on the sides.  If I did, it will have to come out.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Been a long time

Haven't been here in awhile and see that I need to take some things off the side bar!

Just been living life, working, quilting.  The usual.  One of my last posts was about 4 quilts and they're all done.  They should be, it's been long enough!  My favorite is the Agave Garden in Patriotic colors.  The inspiration for the quilting design was that I realized there were 13 stars on the quilt:  the center star and the 12 stars that I added.  So, I thought to do 13 stripes waving across it like a flag.  You know, 13 stars and stripes.  Every stripe has a different fill and took me weeks to complete.  I need to get better pictures of the entire quilt that will show all the stripes.


Right now I'm working on one for my friend and his wife.  It's a simple pattern, can't think of the name, maybe Jewel Box.  The quilting inspiration was that it reminds me of water and sand.  I did ripples coming out from the water and pebbles on the shore.  Haven't decided about the borders yet but just 5 out of 11 rows are done so I have time to think about it.