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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Jane

I'm going to do a Dear Jane quilt. Every quilter knows that this is a major project to take on and it's going to take years. There is a group of people on the Quilter's Message Board that are going to do it together and we're starting in January. I will try and figure out how to do a sidebar on this blog that will just contain the DJ updates and pictures of blocks so it's not buried in other posts.

I got the Dear Jane software and found Civil War Reproduction fabric bundles on eBay specifically put together for Dear Jane. The fabric is 200 different 9" x 11" cuts from seller 40yearhoarder on eBay. I got sets #9, #10, #11, and #12.

I also got an entire bolt, 15 yards, of Kona Cotton in Ivory for the background. The Kona was only $3.79 per yard at Fabric Direct but you do have to buy it by the bolt. That's a great price and I have found it to be from $6 to $10 per yard at other online retailers. Nice resourse for the staples in a fabric stash or if you want to go in together with friends and buy bolts.

Not all about quilting

Life isn't all about quilting... sometimes ;-) I have hardly stepped into my sewing room for the last month and one reason is that, after 30 years, I quit smoking. It will be 4 weeks on Monday since I quit. It sounds that doing something productive would be a help in quitting but I found that I needed to change my pattern (no pun intended) and do other things. I'm ready to go back into the sewing room and yesterday I worked on my IRR center. I did two of the center star points and, wouldn't you know it, I messed up on one of them and put the colors on the wrong sides. I'm going to try and finish it today. There are so many other designs that I want to work on which I won't do until I get this done!