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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ordered a quilting frame

I ordered a quilting frame on Wednesday and I am so excited! It has already shipped and is scheduled for delivery on Friday. I've used a large oval hoop stand since I started quilting and with the new one I won't have to baste the layers together before quilting. I might not be hand quilting every one that I do but it will be great for tying too.

It cost $440 for the Grace FF Z44 Pro quilting frame, a King leader set, 4 side tension bungee clamps, and a daylight swing arm lamp that clamps to the frame. I did searches and comparing and that was a good price for all of them. I got it at Kathy Quilts on eBay. Shipping was only $35 for all of it. I saw other web sites where the shipping alone was $75.

The first quilt I will do on the frame is the one for my brother and I'm going to tie it. I'll have to make a run to JoAnn's on Saturday to get the backing material, batting, and some brown embroidery floss. I have several other tops that need to be done and maybe just to finally get them DONE, I will tie those too. I have one that is tied now but only one edge is bound and I may take it apart and re-do it on the frame. I don't like the yarn that I used on it, it is thin and hard, kind of like string, and I want to use cotton batting instead of the polyester it has now. The Blue Dahlia that I am working on will be hand quilted so if I ever want to enter it in a show it will be worth it.

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