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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Asian Fabrics

This is the first time that I got Asian fabrics. They are absolutely beautiful! I ordered 40 FQs, 10 in each color-way. I've been playing with some designs and I seem to be stuck on it. I don't know much about Asian motifs or designs and this one will have to simmer for awhile.

The fans are from There are also some darling little dolls there that I will probably do and some BOMs that I have been getting each month's block.

The center of this design is a parasol that will show the beautiful prints to advantage in large pieces. I have some beige woodgrain fabric left over from the Twiggy collection used in the feathered star and I plan to applique the spines of the parasol in it. I will also applique a circle of woodgrain over the center of the parasol where the spines will radiate from.

This picture isn't exactly what I have in mind but I found that EQ6 won't let me rotate a picture block. At least, not that I have found yet. I also have in mind to use real tassels on the fans. I am undecided about whether it needs something more or not.

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