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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wow... didn't realize it's been so long

Been busy with work and getting as much sewing and quilting time in as I can. It's easy living alone. Not much housework to do, not much cooking to do either.

The feathered star quilt top is done. I am glad that I took a break from doing the little 6" stars and did the 6" log cabins for the border. By the time I got the body all sewn together I don't know if I would have wanted to face doing 52 log cabin blocks too! I am very happy with how it all came together after going over my measurements several times. I didn't use any kind of quilt software to design it, just used MS Paint to draw it. I did get EQ6 a few weeks ago and I've done a couple of designs with it.

I ordered at least a dozen different quilting stencils, lots of different stars in two sizes. I haven't decided which one(s) to use yet. I have time since the Log Cabin quilt is still in the frame being quilted. My quilting can't keep up with making the tops.

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