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Saturday, August 14, 2010

In a Slump

I've really been in a slump lately about getting any sewing done.  I think the latest quilt is getting me down.  There is so much work involved in it and it's taken so many months, that sometimes I just can't face working on it.  I've not "let" myself start on something else because I don't want it to turn into a UFO but, I have to do something.  I worked on the applique hearts last night and got a couple of them sewn on.

To get out of this rut I started on the quilt for my son and his girlfriend.  They told me the colors they liked, red/gray/black/white, and I got some of the After Hours collection at Connecting Threads.  The jelly rolls are only 20 fabrics so I got 4 of them.  This was actually perfect because it takes one JR strip to do each color in a single braid, there are 4 braids.  I got a black with a red/white patterned stripe for the piece between the braids and the large-scale print for the border.  I'll have quite a bit left over, 36 strips and whatever of the yardage is left, to make something else with it.  Maybe a little quickie from the Jelly Roll Quilts book.

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  1. i find that i get in slumps too. i have a gorgeous quilt that has all of the blocks complete, but for some reason I just can't make myself work on the sashing and finish it! it's sad, because it's a gorgeous quilt... lately i've been trying to focus on 1 row at a time, 1 per week. at least at that rate i'll have this done by christmas ;)