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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blog design fixed

I came to my blog one day and the whole design was messed UP!  None of the graphics were showing up, a bunch of errors, etc.  So, I took of all of the extra settings, the design template, and just set it to a standard template.  When I get around to it I will try to find another design that I like.

Ok, so I know that I haven't felt like doing much of ANYTHING for awhile.  I stopped eating meat about a month ago since that it what seems to make me feel worse.  I feel pretty good now but I also feel so guilty.  I have the last quilt here for the International Round Robin and I just couldn't make myself work on anything.  I had no inspiration about what to do with it, absolutely none.  It's been laying on my ironing board so it is out and visible and today while looking at it I had an idea.

It's got an overall Christmas design with snowflakes but it's kind of different.  The snowflakes are embroidered and have funny faces on them.  Then there are more traditional looking penguins, snowmen, and polarbears.  It has all these bright colors in the center, then it gets muted with very pale blues and whites.  I have a collection of fabric called Twilight Frost that is shades of blues/whites/greys that I thought I would use but it just looked so dull and uninteresting.

What finally inspired me is one of the solid borders around the blue/white snowflake row (can't see those well in the picture).  The fabric is tiny squares of bright colors and I think it looks great with all the other colors in the quilt.  The last fabric before my row is multi-colored bright snowflakes on black. Then I saw that in some of the center squares of the green and white blocks, there is a fabric that is almost just like it. I got out my batiks and started choosing colors that match that fabric.

It's a plain design but I like it.  It's not so busy to compete with the center snowflakes and penguins but, it's not so totally plain that it just fades away like everything else I thought of with the Twilight fabric.  It's bold enough to frame it as the last row but not too much.  In my opinion, anyway :)

The fabric is in the washer so I can get started on it tomorrow.  I'll cut the fat quarters into 2.5" strips, sew three random strips together, then cut them into 2.5" sections.  I don't need to fuss with measurements since I can add a row of squares or shorten some seam allowances to make the borders the correct length.

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