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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Working on the final round

This is the final round on the quilt that I posted last time.  All the parts are ready to sew together after I spent some time this evening figuring up that I had enough 3-square sections to do the four sides.  I'm working on all 4 sides at once so that I can run them through the machine, chain piecing a section on each one, pin the next sections on all 4, then run them through again.

When I was cutting all the sections I put aside 4 of each, one for each side, and put all the rest into another pile.  I seperated those out into 4 piles and laid them out in rows.  Because I started out with different lengths of batik there were sometimes 5 of each combination.

I hope she likes it.  I was just so stuck on what to do with this round until I realized that I had all the colors that are in one of the other fabrics.  The piecing looks very like the multi-color fabric in the corner square and small strip.

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