Sewing Room Dropcam

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Houses design

I played around with a design for the house BOM this evening.  Of course, I don't know what the houses will be each month. It could be any building, a school, a lighthouse, bird houses, etc.  Since I chose romantic type fabrics I'm trying to create a design that goes with that look.  I think I will be re-doing the church block.  I have a 40 FQ set of Luna Notte that I was considering using but then I used the other sets I had.  I like the colors and design of the fabrics better.  Plus, I will probably end up really scrounging to make this out of the original fabrics.

This design uses the Luna Notte fabrics imported into EQ7.  It's only a 50"x50" custom setting so it will need to be enlarged to be able to use twelve 12" (or so) blocks.


  1. Maybe I need to get the EQ program, you are having such fun with it and getting great results.

  2. I really like the program. I've had it since EQ4 but didn't start really using it until EQ6. There is so much it can do that I've hardly scratched the surface. It can now do those curved flying geese swishes just by drawing a line any which way and it turns into flying geese.