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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pretty Florals

I've had these applique patterns for awhile and always had them in mind when I was getting batiks.  This week I ordered some greens, which is the only color I didn't have, and a cream for the background.

Think I have enough selection?  :-)

Been playing with designs too.  This is not final at all, just trying to get some ideas going.  The ovals would be done in reverse applique with lace around the opening.  I put little applique circles around the blocks which brings out the lacey feel but, that's an awful lot of work.  I want a delicate, light and feminine feel.  The black around the outside is just to show the white prairie points.

Of course, the applique picture isn't the right size, it would fill the oval.  Maybe I could do small points around the blocks instead of circles.  The pale green would be nice with tiny white dots and I'm not thrilled with the dark green border but I'm still looking around for something.  I don't want a floral fabric to compete with the applique so it has to be something solid, small print, or geometric.  Maybe subtle stripes.

Designing is half the fun of quilting.

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  1. Oh my, this really is an extensive is going to be sooooo beautiful when you get it done.