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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Need a bigger design wall!

Next time I'm at a department store I'll look for a big vinyl table cloth with a flannel backing.  I read that they're great for a design wall. 

I haven't sewn the outer points to the center and I'm kind of waiting on delivery of a circle ruler that goes up to 17", which is exactly the unfinished size that the center needs to be.  I've been reading the forum for this BOM and people have had problems with the center being too small so I didn't trim the dark blue outside ring to the trim line yet.

The star points have more of a green look than I intended it too.  The green points exactly match the green in the darker points that also have turquoise blue, which is the color of the dark frame.  It just really has an overall GREEN look.  I guess I posted about that already too!!  I can live with it and the next section that has a dark frame will be in the dark blue of the center so maybe it will all balance out.

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