Sewing Room Dropcam

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Borders are on

The borders went on just right, no adjustments to do.  I got one of the corners layed out and I like it!  It looks good next to the red border and it brings in the feeling of the center.  Now to get all the pieces glued down in place and sewed on.  That sounds so simple but I know it's not going to be quick work.  I hope I can get two corners done today but right now, I need to eat lunch!


  1. I love the border with the tulips, I think that tulips in the upper left hand corner would balance it out. Your work is always a pleasure to look at.

  2. I do think that just doing the upper left corner in pink tuplips will be enough. I was just sitting in the sewing room looking at the patterns and the other fabric and I just don't think it's going to look right to add other flower types and colors.