Sewing Room Dropcam

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IRR Round 3 is done

Man... I worked on this for 4 hours tonight to get this completed and so glad it's done!!!  I am happy with how it turned out and I did decide to do just the two opposite corners.  Need to get my name on the label that travels along with the quilt, get it packaged up, and sent on to Canada.  I've also been sending a hankerchief with each quilt and I try to choose one, out of the 100 or so that I have, that goes with the quilt.


  1. Absolutely beautiful..Nice treatment.

  2. That quilt is just lovely!

  3. Thank you! This was a hard one and it's difficult to judge myself sometimes if things look right. Just don't see things with "new eyes" when you look at something for so long. I really hope she likes it.