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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Much work to do this week

I have the third round to do on one of the International Round Robin quilts this week.  I've been really stuck on what to do with the next round to tie it in with the first two.  They are very different styles, going from a delicate watercolor to a bold red and white.  I just didn't know what to do!  I asked the quilter's board today and got some ideas, especially from the woman whos center it is.  She would like a black border with flowers in blues and pinks.

I have some black fabric from Connecting Threads and the Fusions jelly roll strips.  I'm not happy with the color gradations of the JRs for what I had in mind for them but they will be great for this.

I chose a range of blue and pink and added green and yellow.  I included a red to bring that color from the center and to tie it into the red/white row.  I have a bunch of delicate floral applique patterns that are in loose corner settings so I'll do one in each corner and trail out towards the side centers.

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