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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Squaring up a quilt

I got some 6 1/2" strips cut for the border I need to add to an International Round Robin quilt and measured the quilt so far.  I found that it was 39 1/2" across the middle and across the ends it was 40 1/4".  I needed to square it up as there was no way that my borders would come out well with those measurements.

I laid out the insulating foam board, put an old sheet over it, and laid out the quilt.  I started at one corner and pinned it square just a couple of inches on each side of the corner then used my straight edge to pull one edge straight and pinned it at the correct length. 

I then measured across to the other edge and pinned.

Using my metal square I pull and pin the quilt square along one edge.

Because the whole quilt was pulling inwards in the center there was a lot of stretching to do.

I continued around each edge, constantly checking the measurements and using the square and straight edge.

When it was all square and secured I sprayed it with starch VERY WELL and left it for a full day.

I checked on it this morning and it looks great.  I unpinned and it kept it's shape so now I can sew on my black border and do the machine applique on the flowers.

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