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Monday, May 17, 2010

Quilt errands day

Today I got my last IRR quilt mailed to the next person in the round and I received the next one that I had to go the post office to sign for.  I also took my feathered star quilt to the county fair.  The fair is in June so I won't know the results of judging until then. 

I need to add a 7" wide row onto this quilt.  I don't have any idea yet what I'm going to do but one possibility is that the blue fabric with the trees looks to be from the Twiggy collection.  This is the fabric that I used in the feathered star quilt and I have a lot from the whole collection, fat quarters, jelly roll strips, and some yardage.

All of the original centers are imported into EQ6 and I've been adding the rounds onto them as they get completed so that when it comes to me I can play with designs on it.


  1. I WILL be going to the "Knoxville Show" since I live only 20 minutes away and am a beginning, but very interested quilter and I will certainly look for your quilt! How very exciting!!! I will feel like I'm looking at a quilt of a friend!
    wishin' to be stitchin',

  2. That is great! I hope it will be hanging since I am not exactly sure that ALL semi-finalists will be? I've never entered in a big show before. If you take any pictures I would love to see pictures if it is there.