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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A lot of work done in the last few days

Got the first quilt done on the long arm. I used a pattern and then did free motion curlicues between the rows of hearts. When I took the quilt off the frame I found that most of the extra rows had the thread messed up on the bottom. It may have started when I changed the bobbin the last time. So, I have to take it out and then put the quilt back on the rack and re-do it. It's not too hard since the thread is all loose on the bottom.

A friend and I went to a sewing get together on Friday, all day from 1:00pm to 10pm. It was fun to chat and listen to the conversation of a dozen or more ladies working on their projects. I got all of the Sugar Bowl blocks done for the latest quilt and this weekend got it almost all sewn together. I revised my original design because I didn't have enough of the tan and beige fabric. I like the new one a lot better!

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