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Saturday, July 24, 2010

12 more blocks done

I worked hard today and got the next 12 blocks done!! Woo Hoo!!  Only 12 more to go. Last night I got the second 5 hearts sewn on and the first two sections sewn together.  The 5 hearts for the space between the two sections are picked out and need to be turned under and sewn still.

Don't know why I thought I only needed 25 of those hearts, there needs to be 35 of them.  *sigh*  I got the pieces of fabric out that I cut the hearts from to do 10 more of them.


  1. I really love the look of this quilt! I think I had seen one like it...w/o the nifty border or hearts. I remember sketching one on graph paper on vacation. I love you blog! I followed a link from the Green Fairy blog (love THAT one too!). I'm thinking of starting a 'blue' series with traditional patterns. I think this will make the list! I will look forward to seeing the might inspire me to do some too...maybe!

  2. Thanks :-) The block pattern is from the May issue of American Quilter magazine. I don't know if there is another name for the block but it is pretty basic so I wouldn't be surprised that it would be seen other places. There was a bonus border design for members online that was flowers. I decided to do hearts and added my own border design.

    I too love Green Fairy's blog. She does such amazing work. Maybe she'll quilt this one too.