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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Less is more?

I've been thinking about all the blank spaces with hearts and maybe that's too much.  If I hadn't already done two rows with 5 hearts I would probably do every other one instead.  Now, I'd have to take off 4 of them and since they are glued, heat set, and sewn on, it might damage the quilt to take them off.

The glue is just Elmer's School Glue so it washes out but the tiny zig-zag stitch might be a problem.  Should I chance it and take them off?


  1. They are both cute, but I do like the one on the left better. Why not try taking only one off and see how it turns out? If it's a pain or the remainder fabric doesn't end up the way you expect, you can always put it back on again.

  2. OH! I do like the 'less is more' version. That design makes the piecing POP...can you take some blocks apart and move them instead of picking out hearts?

  3. I do like the quilt on the left but if taking the hearts off would ruin the quilt I would leave it. the above suggestion is a good idea, try taking off on heart and see how it goes.

  4. That is a good idea and I thought hey, I'll do that, but that wouldn't work. The hearts are between the blocks so it involves 4 blocks per heart and they're all connected to the hearts that would need to stay on the other sides of the blocks.

    I'm going to try taking one of them off, carefully wash out the glue, and see how it looks. I do like the left one better.

  5. I too vote for the pic on the left - less is more... ;) and with all the work involved in taking apart the rows you already have - your quilt just may take on a new name "Labor of Love"... b/c I just know even if you have to put in this labor... you are GONNA LOVE the end result! :)

    and I can picture some fancy quilting in those blank spots... ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie