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Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting bored yet??

This quilt just goes on and on.  I haven't felt like working on it at all the last couple of weeks, just don't seem to make much progress even when I spend all day on it.  I have next week off work and I am going to try and get a majority of it done.  I sewed a few blocks together tonight, a total of 15 are done, which is about a 3rd of them.

I have been looking at pre-cut bias binding and wondering about using that for the border.  It's a little wider than I need but I guess I could cut the pieces to length (I figure on 33" for each loop) and then cut them in half the long way.  The problem is finding the binding in a color that will go with the other greens.  They're a yellowish green.

My cat, that follows me all over the house, went upstairs with me when I did the above photo, then watched me walk back downstairs.  I'm just waiting for the day when she jumps on me from there.

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