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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remember this design?

Some time ago I got a book on French Braids and when looking at this pattern I wondered what could be used for the squares in the braids instead of a solid?  I did this in EQ6 and imported the actual fabrics.

I started looking around for fabric and I found a collection called Botanica by Robert Kaufman.  One fabric print has the large framed flowers and another has small ones with strips of flowers. There is also a coordinating print that I got for the borders. Absolutely perfect for what I was thinking of!!

I ordered Fusions jelly roll strips but when they arrived it wasn't what I believed it to be from the web site description.  There were duplicates of almost all of the fabrics and I could only get 6 braid strips out of each colorway.  That had to be scrapped... no pun intended.

It's been in the back of my mind and every time I see a set of gradations I find out if I can use it in this quilt.  Well, yesterday when browsing fabric (a favorite activity) I saw these sets and ordered them.  There are 20 fabrics in each set so that gives me choices in what 12 to use for the braids.  It's WAY more fabric than I need for the quilt but these could be used in so many ways.  Already thinking about how the framed flowers could be used as the center block in countless patterns along with these fabrics.


  1. That design is breath taking.....

  2. WOW!!!!! wonderful, fabrics