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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I just saw the judges comments

I didn't see that on the back of the tag on the quilt from the county fair that there were judges comments on it!  I was shaking out a quilt top, the note blew onto the floor, and I finally saw the back of it.  Boy, do I feel dumb for not even looking at it.

The comments were:
Colors, points, piecing - all lovely.
Quilting is awesome A+
Absolutely Beautiful.
Borders are beautiful!
Exquisite - nice use of print for framing.
Back is as beautiful as the front.
Lays nicely - tight binding - good job.

Wow, those are all nice comments.  Makes me happy that others like my work.

So, what quilt was I shaking out?  I'm getting my daughter's quilt ready to put onto the LA frame.  I washed and pieced the backing and when will I ever learn to NOT get a directional print for the backing!?!?  What a pain that is, first to line up the pattern when piecing it, then if I want to have the quilt going vertical instead of horizontal I have to put the seam on the backing going the same way.  I do want the quilt going vertically because I don't want to do some of the motifs sideways.

Speaking of washing the backing, I was concerned about washing this one.  It's bright red with bright white apples and I was afraid that the apples would turn pink.  I read about color catchers but never used them so I found some at the store and tried it.  Wow, it did a great job!  The only thing that turned pink was the two color catchers. 


  1. The judges are right on, your work is beautiful. Do you quilt on a home type of machine?
    Happy Quilting,

  2. I have a Queen Quilter, it's like a Tin Lizzie. I am very bad at it though. I've had it for 6 months and I really need more practice.