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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Late night after a long day

I worked on the IRR round tonight and just have two sides left to do on half of the blocks.  I should have them done tomorrow night and will need to sew the brown strip onto the quilt first.  I measured the quilt and it's basically 54 1/2" square.  There might be some fudging to do with that measurement but it's so close that I am not going to block and square it first.  I will cut my strips the size it needs to be and make the center meet that measurement and THEN lay it out and starch if needed, it will be square at that point to sew the blocks on.

I got the publication for the Innovations 2010 show in the mail today.  The show is in September and it is all machine quilting by any means.  I read the quilt show categories and there is one for New Quilter: Any quilt quilted by anyone with less than 1 year of machine quilting experience.  Well, I certainly qualify for that!!

Entries have to be received by July 25th so that's not much time at all.  I am very seriously thinking about getting my eldest daughter's quilt done, which I planned on doing next, so that I can enter it.  It's a simple and fun quilt with all the same blocks so maybe I could do it to my satisfaction, and good enough that I would want to enter it.

Got any ideas or tips about the quilting design?  Something simple, like outlining the baskets and then an all-over fill or stipple in the white area?  A simple design in the sashing and border?

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