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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two sides done today

It's 8:00 PM and I am DONE for the day.  I didn't get to anything other than the IRR quilt, so much for big plans.  There was a lot of adjustments to do on this round.  When I decided on doing the boxes I knew they had to be 7 1/2" square because that is how wide the row needs to be.  I figured that the quilt would be about 52" (center 24", first round 3", second round 5", third round 6" = 52") so I would do 8 blocks on each side (7" finished x 8 = 56) and that I could adjust it as needed by sewing the seam allowance a 1/4" larger when I needed to.  It wouldn't really be noticable that way.

Well, somehow I messed up when I made the blocks and they were 7" UNFINISHED size!  I had to add a half inch so along came the thin strip.  I actually think it looks better than it would have without it.  It puts a border around the previous row, gives it a definate end.

Another adjustment I had to do is that I had to add some strips onto the ends of the strips of sewn blocks because now the whole thing was larger than I had planned.  I discovered that the previous round was 7" instead of 6" finished size, plus my additional strip.

Anyway, after the sides were sewn on it seems to have settled the rest of it down.  It's not as flat as I would like it but I've done what I can to get it straight.  I like how the colors in the outer blocks tie in with the center.

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