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Sunday, June 6, 2010

More of the latest quilt done

I'm finally back to working on this and made some good progress yesterday.  All of the 9-patch centers and the corner sections are done.  I used 48 different fabrics for those parts, two of each, and seperated the sections into two sets.  I layed out the first set and played with the pairings for the blocks.  I'm pretty satisfied with this except for a couple that stand out as being too close in color or value that I need to change.   The second completed block came out a lot better than the first after adjusting the seam allowance, it doesn't need to be trimmed, stretched, or squared up. 

I got 12 different fabrics ready for the triangle sections and cut two strips of each, that will make 24 blocks.  I hadn't decided at the time whether I was going to use ANOTHER 12 fabrics for the rest of the blocks but I believe I will.  Might as well stay consistent with two blocks of each fabric.

Half of the triangle sections have been sewn and ready to cut apart and press.  It would be great to get all of them done today so I can start doing an assembly line on the blocks and knock those out.

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