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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend sewing time again

I got all of the blocks done for the latest IRR round a couple of days ago.  I had briefly measured the quilt so far to get an idea of the size but when I measured more closely I found that across the center of the quilt it measured 54 1/4 and along the edges it measured as much as 55 3/4".  Today I layed it out and squared it up to 54 1/4"... as best as I could.  I'll probably need to do some trimming of the corners since it doesn't look like it's going to shrink up very well.  Will wait and see.

While this sits today I can work on some other things.  I need to wash and piece the backing for my daughters quilt.  I received the Bottom Line bobbin thread in bright red yesterday to match the backing so I can get it quilted.  I haven't fully decided how to quilt it but it's going to be pretty basic. 

Maybe I can finish the first 24 blocks of the CW fabric quilt in the meantime.  I need to accomplish something after finding out that I can't do the IRR one yet.  Get something done! :)

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