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Monday, November 15, 2010

For my daughter

I've been thinking about the Faceted Jewels quilt and then I thought about my daughter wanting a quilt in browns to match her cream with brown pipping bedding.  She doesn't like frilly or flowery and she really liked the stack of brown batiks and balipops that she saw in my sewing room.  I'm sure I have enough since I have about 8 1yd cuts of various browns plus the balipops. I will need to get a few beiges for the lights though.  Ordering online is not a hardship. :)  I want to see the new Batiks at Connecting Threads and I need some black quilting thread anyway.

I think she will like this.


  1. You are so talented! That's a beautiful design

  2. Thank you! Though it's not my design :-) wish it was. I saw the pattern on an Amish quilt site and loved it.

  3. Yep....I think she will love it!