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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I feel so much better now

After getting the round robin quilt done and mailed off yesterday it feels like a major weight off my shoulders.  I felt so light that I floated upstairs when I got home and I finished the machine applique on a row of hearts on the Civil War repro quilt.  I can now sew together the 4 rows (2 rows each section) and applique the hearts between them.  The last row of hearts is going to be a bear to sew since it can't be done until the two halves of the quilt are sewn together.

I didn't join this year's round robin. This is the first one I've done and not sure that it suits me.  I have so many quilts that need to be quilted, and so many designed that I want to do, that I need to hunker down and get them done.  Also need to spend some major practice time on the long arm if I'm ever going to get any better than doing pantograms with it. 

I'm excited about creating and quilting again!

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