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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Still waiting on the fabric delivery

I am at a little bit of a standstill on the Faceted Jewels quilt.  I got another 4 sets of light/dark JR strips sewn together to cut into sections and I think I only need to do one more pairing to complete all of the light/dark 4-patch blocks.  I was running out of lights then remembered the JR that I got of Fusions that turned out to not be what I needed for a certain quilt.  I got out the strips and took out all the colors that will go with this quilt.  I don't want to get too far ahead before starting to incorporate the other fabrics.  I've done that before and it can really stand out when there are some blocks that contain totally different fabrics that don't appear anywhere else.

I ordered another Capuccino Balipop, a 14 FQ set of Ice Tea, and a wide Tonga Leaf for the backing.  I decided that the batik yardage that I have is not enough variety for the large triangle and HSTs.  I am pretty sure that these, along with the 4 beiges I ordered, is enough for the quilt. :-)

So... since I'm not working on this one I turned my attention to finishing the quilting on the one that's in the frame.  It's been there for months but I am so bad at long arm quilting that I didn't like working on it.  Just bite the bullet and get it done!  I don't know that I would ever want someone to see this up close and hope my daughter doesn't mind.  It's just a small, fun quilt that she picked out the fabric for.  I need to get this done and off the frame so I can do the French Braid by Christmas.

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