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Friday, November 19, 2010

Started on Faceted Jewels

I know, I know, there are other things I could be working on but... I started on another quilt.  I'm waiting on delivery of black quilting thread for the french braid and I don't feel like starting on the vines for the CW quilt though I did get the strips cut out for them and did a test of the bias tape maker.  It worked good.

I'm using a Cappuccino Balipop for this quilt plus some brown batik I have.  I found that I can use the strips for everything except the large triangle block center and the corner HSTs.  Another four cream batiks are coming with the black thread so I can't do the HSTs until I have that.

The lights are more yellow than I thought they were but I really like this.  The flying geese and the triangle are paper pieced.  I'm doing this practice block first and have about a third of the light/dark 4-patch sections ready to sew the halves together.


  1. Oh wow...this block and quilt looks like alot of time is is really going to be an awesome quilt!

  2. Hmmm, my comment disappeared. I think once I get going on assembly line making the parts, it won't be too bad. The majority of the blocks are very simple.