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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting set up for some major sewing

I straightened up my sewing room after finishing the French Braid and binding the fall-themed throw this morning and got everything organized to work on the Faceted Jewels quilt.  All of the 4-patch blocks are done, except for the dark/dark ones in the sashing and border, and the darks for the HSTs are cut out. 

I'm cutting the squares at 4 3/4" for a 4" unfinished size.  If I was doing the 4 1/2" unfinished size like I had originally planned I would be cutting them at 5 1/4".  The "official" size to cut would be 4 7/8" for a 4" finished size HST but really, I'd rather just trim it down a bit than mess with that.  Especially a block like this where accurate piecing is so important.

Speaking of getting precise piecing there's something else I do.  At the bottom of the picture are 3 HSTs.  The first one is just pressed and for most things that's fine with me.  For this quilt I want that seam very crisp so before I trim it I give it a little mist of starch and press again, like the second one.  The third one has been trimmed to 4".  Overkill?  Probably for most patterns. :-)

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