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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Got a quilt on the frame tonight

I had hoped to have this done last weekend but something went awry with the delivery of the backing.  It was delivered on Friday at 4:30pm but when I got home from work there was nothing on my porch.  It's happened before that someone stole a sweater that I ordered for my daughter at Christmas.  After that my neighbor across the street would get my packages until I got home.  She moved quite awhile ago and I haven't had any problems since but, I suppose that someone took the package off my porch.  I get deliveries several times a month on average but it's probably the gift season that prompts people to steal them.

I called and they replaced my order at no charge to me with 2nd day air delivery.  I am grateful that they did even though I feel bad that it was necessary.  I'll have to have things delivered to my work.  I've seen news online that people steal deliveries, watch for them to take.

The backing is a marbled black, wide-width, that I got washed and dried this evening.  It takes me at least a half hour to get a quilt fully loaded, basted, and ready to go.  Maybe more, I didn't time it.

The pantograph is Sun, Moon and Stars in a pretty dense pattern.  I chose it to go with this quilt specifically.  I should have this done in a few days since I will probably only work on it a little bit for the next couple of days after work.


  1. I am so glad the company replaced it for you, but that is too bad it was taken to begin with.

    That is an amazing set up. I hope this isn't a stupid question, but once you have it all together, does the machine do all the work? That is a beautiful pattern.

    One of my children caught the peeking cat behind the machine. Very cute.

  2. If only it did all the work. :) It's not computerized like some systems are so I do the work. The pattern is on the table below the machine carriage and the small blue box at the bottom of the machinie (can barely see it in this picture) is a red laser light. I set the needle in the quilt where I want to start and I line up the laser dot with the pattern. Just move the carriage to follow the pattern with the light and the sewing head quilts the same pattern as I move the machine in.

    That cat picture makes me smile. It's a poster that I got online and framed.