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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Signing loan papers today

I'm buying a second house!  I saw this house on the very first day I went out with my agent and I got goose bumps.  That morning I had posted that I was sending up thoughts that I find the perfect little cottage for me.  It is a darling little house, the agent called it a Fairy Tale house.  It may not look it in the pictures but there is something about it.  Anyway, we called about it right then and found that they already had a pending offer on it.

I looked for months at houses, almost every weekend, and only one compared to this and it also had an accepted offer when we called.  Then, I got an alert email that there was a new listing that matched my criteria and it was THIS HOUSE!!  I called my agent and said to offer on it NOW!  The previous deal fell through so it was back on the market.  There were two other offers and appointments for two viewings that day and they accepted my offer!  I just knew this was the house for me.

There are 3 bedrooms, 2 upstairs, and the one downstairs is big and has hardwood floors.  Perfect for a sewing room!  It's part of my plan to retire early at 55 (in 8 more years) if at all possible and the payments are tiny compared to what I have now.  I'll rent it out until then or one of my children will live in it.

I so excited and wish I could move there now!  It's an hour away from me but very close to my three children and grandchildren.

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