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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paper piecing today

This evening I worked on some of the flying geese blocks.  They're so small that I'm paper piecing them, printed from EQ7.  The lights are from jelly rolls cut into 3 1/2" strips and I was able to use the cut-offs from the ends of the strips after cutting the squares for the HSTs out of fat quarters.  I guess that's one advantage to using small pieces.  ;-)

I started out with this a couple of hours ago...

And just finished up with these 12 blocks.  Still need to trim them but it's late and I'm tired.

I always have an audience when I'm sewing...


  1. I laugh at the cat. What is it about cats when we are sewing? Mine doesn't care about my fabric unless I am actively working on something. She wants to set her furry backside on the pieces I need to press.

  2. Yes, she has to be wherever I am, there or on the ironing board and if I'm really involved in someone she will lay on the table right in front of me.