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Monday, December 20, 2010

Jewels Progress

Just a little progress in the last couple of days.  I finally got the layer cake of lights and all of the 4" HSTs are sewn and need to be pressed and trimmed.  I'm not totally happy with how light they are but, I'm done buying fabric for this quilt!

Five of the center blocks are done and I still need to make 36 more 2" HSTs to complete those.  That's pretty quick to do.  I am pressing the seams open when joining the 4 pieces and they're going together really well. All of the dark pieces for the 96 triangle blocks are cut out.  Haven't done any more flying geese because the ink ran out for printing the foundations.

Just keep plugging away and it will get done eventually. :-)

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  1. One stitch at a time and you will get errrrr done!