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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is it really "mine"?

There have been some comments at other places about the feathered star quilt that was done by a professional long arm quilter that are along the lines of feeling that having a quilt done by someone else means it isn't theirs, that they can't "claim it", that they didn't "make it all myself".

I personally don't feel that way.  I enjoy designing and piecing and if I was going to do all the quilting myself then the hard work I have done would essentially be ruined with a panto or some other basic quilting.  I just got a long arm and it's going to be a long time before I feel that my quilting is up to the level of my piecing.

What do other quilters feel?  Does it detract from the quilt that the piecer didn't quilt it themselves?  Does it effect show quilts even?  I haven't heard that it does.  With a show quilt you even have to state who designed it if it is someone else's pattern or a commercially purchased pattern.

Is it just a bias towards long arm quilting itself?  I read on an Amish quilt site that one of the best known Amish quilters, Delores Yoder, does her tops and a friend does the hand quilting.  Does that diminish Delores' work in any way?

Yes, the quilting can make or break any quilt.  The most beautifully designed and executed quilt could be turned into a disaster by a bad quilting job.  I am fortunate that Judi's quilting turned a pretty quilt into a magnificent one.

What are your feelings on this subject?


  1. I agree with you. I have hand quilted before and have not been happy with the results to the point of frustration. I do note on the back of my quilt that I am the piecer and put the quilters name on them. This does not diminish the work I did.

  2. Wow! Who are these snarky people? Oh wait....I know....those that wish the quilt was theirs!! Absolutely beautiful design...colours...and quilting. It does not diminish your work at all...

  3. ohhh... snarky people? Not at all. Casual Quilter's piecing is beautiful and the Green Fairy did an exquisite masterpiece with her quilting. Wanting to make the entire quilt myself and do the quilting also is a personal desire of giving from my heart. Am I at the level of skill that these two people are? Not by the longest shot in the entire universe! Great work! I look up to them both!!!!

  4. It is a personal choice and because it was quilted by someone else doesn't mean that I didn't put my heart and soul into making it. I was a bit surprised by the comments. It is usually a very supportive site of all sewing and quilting endeavors.

    It sent me looking around the net and I found example after example of award winning quilts that were pieced by one person and quilted by another. No one could ever accuse those people of taking shortcuts or of not putting their all into their work.

    This is the FIRST quilt I have ever had quilted by someone else. I have only done hand quilting and tying. I do good hand quilting, if I may say so, but I just can't do that and keep creating quilts which is my first love.

  5. Of course "you" made it, even if Judi quilted it. Both of you did an outstanding job!

  6. It's a beautiful, beautiful quilt. You're giving her all the credit she deserves for all the work she did. I think it's AWEsome to do a community project, like the quilt made by the Amish women mentioned. If you're giving credit and (clearly) sending potential business her way, you've done more than your part.