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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two quick quilts for my grandsons

I decided last minute to make a crib and a small twin quilt for my grandsons in time for the 1 year old's b-day party yesterday.  I already had the fabric, The Circus by Benartex, and I washed it last week but didn't know what design I was going to do.  I needed something very fast and simple so I decided on framed squares.  I literally designed as I went and I have never worked so fast in my life! 

I started at 9:00am on Friday cutting out and piecing the framed squares.  By that night both tops were done and the crib quilt was on the frame with flannel backing.  My long arm was giving me fits!  The thread broke several times and at the beginning, after a few minutes of doing a large meander, I found that the thread was loose on the bottom again... eyelashes, it's called.  I got that corrected by adjusting the top thread tension and continued on.  After finishing the rest of the top I went back and picked out all the bad stitching.  I swear it took longer to do that than it did to quilt the whole thing!  I finally finished it at 12:30pm.

The next morning I started at 9:00am with piecing the flannel backing for the twin quilt.  I had it loaded and basted on the frame at 10:30am.  The long arm worked perfectly!  Not one breakage or other problem and I was done with the quilting at 12:15.  Then it was a race to get it trimmed and bound.  I finished that at 1:30 which included cutting, starching, and ironing the double-fold binding!

I am still amazed that I got both of them totally done, start to finish, in such a short time.

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