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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Vintage Quilt

I started on the center applique of the Vintage Quilt.  I wished I was better at it but I do my best and be happy with it. I have been re-thinking the pattern a little bit.  For one thing, I don't think that I want to piece the white triangle areas of the outer blocks and the Jacob's Ladder blocks.  It will make it more difficult to quilt and the piecing does distract from the real triangle shape.

I've also been reconsidering the large floral area and I've been playing with basket blocks.  It can be hard to decide on something when there are so many possibilities.  When I look at something for so long, I don't see it with "new" eyes and it's hard to judge the overall effect.


  1. Beautiful. I have some applique blocks that I was just wondering what I wanted to do with them. This is definitely inspiring and perfect timing for me. Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a great creation....I'm learning to EQ but it's a slow process.
    I am now following your blog.

  3. Thank you. :-) I like doing a little applique and a center piece is enough for me. I'm about to start the rest of the piecing on this quilt following the pattern I did for it so I'll post as I go.

    EQ is really fun to use and I know that it can do a lot more than I've done with it yet. I've used it since EQ4 but I didn't like it then. I got EQ6 and I'm happier with it now. Probably because I didn't know it well enough.