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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round two on the International Round Robin

I completed the second round on another member's center tonight.  I am very happy with it and I so hope she likes it.  The story of her center is that it is of the place she and her husband were married, in the yard of the preacher.  The Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam are wearing cloth from the clothes they were wearing when they got married.  They have 10 children, 4 of them married, which are represented by the apples in the tree.  She says she will embroider their names in them and has charms to attach to it for each grandchild.

I wanted to stay with her style so I chose to use applique and something that would enhance the center, not try and compete with it, so along came the swags.  Of course, there must be Bluebirds of happiness holding the swags.  I did some tests and made my blanket stitch the same width and length to match the center applique.

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