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Friday, February 19, 2010

Why don't more fabric manufacturers do this?

Something I have found to be invaluable for designing in EQ6 is fabric manufacturers that offer downloads of fabric collections.  The ones I use most are Connecting Threads and Moda but there are probably others that that offer them.  Connecting Threads also has quilt labels that coordinate with their fabric collections.  Both the fabric download and the label are on the left side when viewing a collection at Connecting Threads.  For Moda fabrics, go to United Notions and click on the brown dot to download.  They even have a link to their older collections in the Archive section.

How I get any fabric into EQ6 is to have the fabric showing on my screen, right click on it, and do a Save As... and save it into a folder.  I have a Fabrics folder which contains a folder for each collection I have pictures of so I can find them easily.  When saving a picture of a fabric it works better in EQ if you save the largest picture of it that you can.  Most web sites have thumbnail pictures that you can click on to see it larger.  I have found that the scale is usually way too small to show correctly in EQ if I use the thumbnail picture.

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