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Thursday, February 11, 2010

More flower blocks done

Besides working on the IRR round this week, I've been getting more flower blocks done for my granddaughter's quilt.  These are surprisingly fun to do.

I haven't done much applique in the past so the first ones were a bit tense while sewing, trying to keep the blanket stitch exactly where it should be.  I loosened up and just went for it.  I'm not aiming for perfect and doing these things should be fun.  I am not worried about a few stitches outside the lines and my granddaughter won't care about that either.

The first blocks I did I was putting the applique outline under the fabric and tracing it.  Then I thought... why am I making that another step?  I needed a lightbox and it occured to me that I have the things I need already.  A tiny gooseneck desk lamp that I use on my sewing table and a 12"x12" ruler.  I put the lamp between the two sewing machings on the table, light facing up, then layed the ruler on top of the machines with the light under it.  Didn't even have to trace the lines, just glued the edges of the pieces, layed them in place and ironed to heat set (after moving the block to the pressing board).
I haven't put the yardage of the white fabric in the wash yet, just been using the FQ of the same fabric in the flowers.  I better get that done because I'm going to be impatient when I get to the point of sewing the blocks together if I don't have the sashing fabric ready.

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