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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flowers In My Braids

I'm still working on the Vintage quilt, or will be working on it again after finally getting Starred and Feathered totally completed but, there are always new ideas crowding in and I find that if I get it down, figured out and planned, that I can put it away until I'm ready to get to it.

I have been thinking of doing a French Braid and I received a book today on it that I ordered. When I was looking at the braid patterns and the one with a block in the middle I started thinking about what could be added interest there? I saw this fabric and... light bulb! The floral fabric has 4.5" framed flowers, 2" ones, and a 2" wide tiny floral strip.

I did this in EQ6 and ordered the floral fabric. I'm still looking for graduations of the colors in something like Fusions.

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