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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Tools

I ordered some tools to help me be successful in long arm quilting. I have trouble with control of the arm and making it do what my mind sees.  That will hopefully come with time but having some guides will be a good thing.

First is a cross hatch guide from Long Arm University. I figure it will do double duty for straight lines so that’s a good value and I ordered the 1 ½” cross hatch grid stencil that goes with it. I ordered a clear plexi-glass extension table for the long arm so there is a stable base for using templates and rulers. I also ordered an Appliguide from Deloa's Quilt Shop for tracing around appliqué and for tight control with small work.  There are a couple of quilts to be done with center applique that this could help with.

Lastly I ordered micro-handles for the long arm. Unfortunately they don’t make the ones with the electronic controls for my machine but if I have to I can probably zip tie the control box to the front of the micro-handles where the built-in controls would normally be. Or maybe Velcro straps so I can move it. Come to think of it, the straps is a good option and that gives me another idea… stick a piece of loop Velcro to the back of the box and put pieces of the hook side in various places that I want to be able to move the box to.

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