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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vintage quilt center is done

I am finally done with the center applique block for the Vintage quilt.  It always takes me a long time to get applique work done and this was no exception but I pushed through yesterday and today and got it done.  I used a yo-yo method to do the berries, gathering them into a circle around a little piece of cardboard and ironing them.  I don't think anyone would notice, or know, that there were supposed to be 9 berries on each side instead of 7.  Who says there can't be 7 of them?

I haven't washed the border fabric yet and today I wondered if the scalloped design would line up with the triangle pattern of the outer blocks.  Wouldn't that be cool to have a scallop at each one?  It will be one more thing to check on when doing the borders and mitering.


  1. I am enjoying watching your quilt coming together.
    I have never attempted to do a scallop boarder.

  2. Thank you for following and glad you are enjoying it. It's not a scallop border, the border fabric has a scallop design. I thought about following the design and making it scalloped but they are a little too small for me to want to attempt that.