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Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a little update

The Vintage quilt is still waiting for the last two rows and the border but I haven't felt like working on it this week.  Still waiting on the delivery of fabric for a quilt for my son.  I plan on making a French Braid in red, black, white and gray for him and his girlfriend.  I asked and those were the colors they wanted.

I received the Fusions jelly rolls but it was totally not what I thought it would be from the website description.  I thought, and the other quilters on the message board agreed, that the description meant that they would be all different.  They're not.  Out of 80 strips of fabric I only have 46 different colors.  The most of any color range that I can get out of it is 6... 6 blues, 6 pinks, etc.  I am not happy with it and contacted the seller.  They said that they didn't intend to "confuse" me and that I could return them.  OK... I am no longer "confused" and have come to my senses and the realization that they won't be getting any more of my business.

I was also in a car accident.  While commuting to work there was a sudden stop in traffic and I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of me.  The car behind me didn't stop and ran into the back of my SUV.  The other driver complained of chest pain and was transported.  I seemed ok but developed a headache and now I ache all over and my left shoulder really hurts.  That's where the seatbelt was.  The other car hit so hard that the spare tire storage well inside the back of my SUV is about turned inside out.  From the outside it doesn't look like there is anything but scrapes on the bumper, which is why no one even asked if I was OK, I guess.

The other car

Inside my SUV

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