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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Civil War fabric quilt

This evening I started working on the quilt I posted recently with the vines and hearts.  The Civil War fabrics I have are all in 9x11 pieces so I had to figure up how much of each fabric I needed. 

I cut 2 strips from 18 different fabrics. Each 2 strips will eventually make 2 blocks so I'll have parts for 36 blocks, 18 of each fabric.  I decided to make all of the centers of all of the 9-patch blocks out of 3 purple fabrics.  The sashing blocks will all be in the green fabrics.  I chose green because they will be all around the edge of the quilt that tie into the green vines.


  1. As with all your beautiful quilts, will look forward to following along with this one. Personally I think you have passed the "casual" quilter stage, LOL.


  2. lol... thank you. If I could just get my long arm machine to admit that I am better than it thinks I am, I'd be all set!

    I am glad that you enjoy seeing the progress on them.