Sewing Room Dropcam

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Simplifying the CW border

Looking at that border I thought let's be realistic here.  That is a lot of little details that I probably wouldn't want to do so I did a screen print of it and did some changes in MS Paint.  I would do the vine in 1/4" bias tape, maybe a tad larger, and the tendrils could be done during quilting with green thread.

This looks a lot more manageable but the applique would need to be done on the border strips before they are attached if I want the vines to go into the seam at each colored side square.


  1. Love the border, Can't wait to see it done

  2. I agree with Linda, I can't wait to see it done, that border is awesome!!

  3. Thank you! I do like that one. I was looking at it and saw that the border vine hints at another heart shape with the "V" of the pieced block below it. I played around with making it more of a definate heart but, I like how it is just suggested here instead of obvious.