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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mitering the corner

Yay!!!  The mitered corner came out just as I wanted it to! 

I sewed two sides on to make sure how it was going to line up and it's almost perfect.  I lined up the point of a red scallop with the seam between the center blocks and measured the quilt and the border.  The quilt measured 30 1/4" from center to edge, which is exactly what it should be.  I then marked the center of the border and measured out 30 1/4" on each side and marked it.  I then lined up the center and end marks with the quilt and sewed it on.  The second side was the same except on the end that would meet the first border I measure out 30" from the center (minus the 1/4" seam allowance of the first border), marked it and sewed.

I begin the miter by folding under one border at a 45 degree angle and lining it up where I want it to be. I do a very light mist of starch to make that edge crisp and press it.

Cut a piece of fusible a little bit smaller than the length of the miter.

Lay the fusible under the top border a little over 1/4" away from the folded edge. Lay the top piece back down and press to fuse.

After it has cooled, lift the top piece and peel off the paper.  Lay it back down, making sure it lines up where you want it, and press to fuse.

Let it cool so it doesn't pull apart and fold the quilt back to expose the pressed line.

Insert the needle exactly where the side border seam stitching meets the pressed line.  Sew on the line.  You can mark the line with pencil if you like.

Trim off the excess fabric. This is why the fusible is placed 1/4" from the fold line and it will be removed when trimmed.

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